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Tong Hap Kwan Hapkido 

   Belt Ranking System


9th Gup White Belt  (Novice Level One)

8th Gup Yellow Belt * (Novice Level Two)

7th Gup Orange Belt * (Novice Level Three)

6th Gup Green Belt * (Intermediate Level One)

5th Gup Blue Belt * (Intermediate Level Two)

4th Gup Purple Belt * (Intermediate Level Three)

3rd Gup Brown Belt * (Advanced Level One)

2nd Gup Red Belt * (Advanced Level Two) 

1st Gup Black/Red Belt * (Advanced Level Three) "Black Belt Candidate"


* 1st Degree Black Belt * (Associate Instructor Level) 

* 2nd Degree Black Belt * (Instructor Level)

* 3rd Degree Black Belt * (Senior Instructor Level) 

* 4th Degree Black Belt * (Master Level)  

* 5th Degree Black Belt * (Senior Master Level)  

* 6th Degree Black Belt * (Chief Master Level)  

* 7th Degree Black Belt * (Grand Master Level)   

* 8th Degree Black Belt * (Senior Grand Master Level)

* 9th Degree Black Belt * (Chief Grand Master Level)

** Sajanim ** (Our own title for Successor)

Successor (Heir To The System)  

*** Dojunim **

(Founder & Inheritors Of The System)


* 7th Dan and Above May Wear Gold Belt *


Note: Students reaching Black Belt under 16 years old receive Junior Black Belt. (White Center Stripe)  * "Can earn up to 3 Pum Levels and if still training at 16 years old will convert their Pum Level to a Dan Degree"

* Instructors 2nd Dan thru 9th Dan can award rank up to one degree below themselves. 


1st Dan Associate Instructors may assist classes and teach at their instructors dojang or another instructors dojang.

Note: A 1st Degree can be given special consideration and authority to teach their own students and award rank up to 2nd gup Red Belt if approved by head of system. 


**Sajanim can award up to their same rank level.


*** Dojunim can award any rank.