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I have had the honor of being a Kyosamnim under Kwanjangnim Eric Laino (who I have distance trained with for a few years) & Dojunim Paul C. Holley who is the head of the Tong Hap Kwan Hapkido org.

Both of these masters are skilled at a high level by Korea standards & I am truly proud & grateful to be a part of the Tong Hap Kwan

I trained for 3 years in Korea & have trained with Native Korean masters for 4.5 years. I have trained for 41 years & am a 6th Dan in Ed Parker American Karate & have instructors certification in a few other systems.

I am GENUINELY & SINCERELY glad that this art has STANDARDS & will only give ranks to highest skill level. If one just wants extra “rank” go elsewhere.

However, as a disabled veteran with several serious health issues & joint problems I appreciate the genuinely compassionate ways they work in your ability range. I will be a part of the Tong Hap Kwan as long as I train. I will go up the ranks as the years go by. I am presently a Samdan (3rd Dan) & hope to advance as I EARN my rank. I like this Hapkido org as much as my Excellent Kenpo Karate org (KIAI).        Gary R. Gilliam