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Tong Hap kwan Hapkido

                    Tong Hap Kwan Hapkido

5th Gup Blue Belt Minimum Requirements:

1. Must Know Different Blocks
2. Must Know Tiger Mouth Strike, Slap Strike, Whip Strike, Different Spearhand Strikes
3. Must Know 9 Different Kicks
4. Must Know 4 Same Side One Hand Lapel Grab Defenses
5. Must Know 4 Opposite Side One Hand Lapel Grab Defenses
6. Must Know 2 One Hand Upper Sleeve Grab Defenses
7. Must know 4 Throws or Takedowns
8. Must Know 2 Front Headlock Defenses
9. Must Know 4 Side Headlock Defenses
10. Must Know 2 Front Hair Grab Defenses
11. Must Know 2 Side Hair Grab Defenses
12. Must Know 2 Rear Hair Grab Defenses
13. Must Know 2 Front Two Hand Wrist Grab Defenses
14. Must Know 2 Front Double Wrist Grab Defenses
15. Must Know 2 Roundhouse Kick and 2 Side Kick Defenses.
                                                              16. Demonstrate Any Weapons Techniques taught by Instructor.

* Must have started Cane training by now.