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Tong Hap kwan Hapkido

Shiromatsu Dojo (Otsego, Michigan)                                                       Head Instructor: Senior Master Geoffrey Spohn, 5th Degree Black Belt

Students and Registration #'s

MIGS01: Alistair McPherson

MIGS02: Andy Pendexter

MIGS03: Ashton Young

MIGS04: Austin Norris

MIGS05: Christopher Sebright

MIGS06: Colter Boerman

MIGS07: Conner Valenti

MIGS08: Daniel Napp

MIGS09: Darel Chase

MIGS10: Diana Krejer

MIGS11: Erlinda Lopez

MIGS12: James Crawford

MIGS13: Jamaal Sturdivant

MIGS14: Jason Creel

MIGS15: Jenesi Reppert

MIGS16: Jesse Sellers

MIGS17: Jessica Davidsmeyer

MIGS18: Kirk Steward

MIGS19: Kurt Mitchell

MIGS20: Leon Major

MIGS21: Larry Nichols

MIGS22: Marytheresa Spohn

MIGS23: Natasha Andree

MIGS24: Nathanial Hoge

MIGS25: Nicole Steward

MIGS26: Patrick Spohn

MIGS27: Robert Handley

MIGS28: Robert Reppert

MIGS29: Rose Raffaniello

MIGS30: Spencer Fusselman

MIGS31: Tiffany Minegar

MIGS32: Timothy Davidsmeyer

MIGS33: William Mullins